Some idea never get old

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I want to talk about my new video game system….. Just kidding, I actually want to talk a little about #design and #innovation.

Back in the days of the Atari 2600 there was very little processing power to work with. That meant the designers had to be very creative with the gameplay in order to build a good experience using the hardware they had.

Every #pixel counted. Over time thanks to Moore’s law (processor speeds will double every two years), video game systems are far more powerful now. We can render almost photo-realistic graphics and 7 speaker sound. With that excess of hardware capacity, I think something got lost.

The graphics were great, but many games got less smart. They over-relied on the new #technology and lost their focus on the fundamentals. Today we have the same situation with the vast amount of software which is available to us.

We can send thousands of emails with a click, but let’s not forget good #copywriting.

We can make any image look good with #photoshop, but let’s not forget how to set up the scene.

#innovation can help us achieve great things, but it can also make us lazy. Be careful about that! So until next time, I’m playing River Raid on my Atari 2600.


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